In this podcast today I will be sharing about the pathway a hairdressing career can give to hairdressing students. I believe it is essential that we help the next generation of hairdressers understand what is available to them, but also what they have to do to get there. By understanding this I truly believe anything is possible.

What got me interested in a career in hairdressing was when I first went to Salon International back in 1984. The buzz I felt that day made want to become a hairdresser. 34 years later I’m still fully engaged and part of this amazing industry. Thats why I’m keen to share the many variations a hairdressing career give you, as I know that not only can it help get more younger people into hairdressing, but also keep those who a possibly on the verge of falling out of love with the industry by simply becoming more engaged again.

You’ll hear about the wide variety of options available in a hairdressing that includes working in the salon as successful stylist, being a freelancer, entering competitions, working on stage, getting involved in the world of media ,and so much more.

What I’ve provided in this podcast is the sort of information I wanted to hear when I was that 16 year old student going to my local hairdressing college on day release. I really hope it inspires many of the students that listen in to this today, and I encourage all training providers, lecturers and salon owners to get their students and trainees to listen in. It could make that difference on them staying in the industry or not by carving out a lifelong and happy career within the hair industry.




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Today’s Guest

Dom Lehane is the creator and host of the How To Cut It podcast, and is regarded as an influential thinker in the digital media landscape for the hair industry.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in todays episode

  • 04 min 29 sec: Getting young hairdressers more engaged .
  • 08 min 26 sec: What is out there in hairdressing.
  • 09 min 49 sec: How to get exited about hairdressing.
  • 10 min 26 sec: Harriet Stokes.
  • 14 min 02 sec: Hair industry awards.
  • 15 min 00 sec: The many hairdressing pathways.
  • 22 min 21 sec: Opportunity to travel.
  • 27 min 00 sec: Reach out to others in the industry.
  • 28 min 00 sec: HERO platform for college students.