In this episode, we interview Steven Buzassy, a highly respected hairstylist and educator based in Hungary who has a large following of loyal fans from around the world. We discuss how his family history in the industry was his calling into hairdressing (particularly education), his unique approach to education, and his visionary plans for the future.

Our conversation kicks-off learning about Steven’s background and the vibrant Hungarian hair industry. He shares his experience thats seen him become a leading global hairstylist and educator, as well as why he has a strong passion for haircutting.

Steven also talks about his Instagram account and how he uses it to showcase his work and creativity to his legion of 61K followers. He discusses his plans for online education and the potential of the metaversein the future.

Be sure to stay until the end to hear how Steven began collecting his thoughts on haircutting in 2019. He then transformed the presentations into a book.

Overall, Steven’s story highlights the impact of family legacy, personal growth, and the evolving landscape of the hair industry.

Its an episode that will motivate you. Hit play!

Today’s Guest

Styling Director for Davines, Hungary, Steven Buzassy is a leading global hairstylist and educator based in Budapest, Hungary. Coming from a hairdressing dynasty, Steven’s work is admired by his fellow peers.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we discuss in todays episode with Steven Buzassy

  • 0:02:17 Introduction to Steven
  • 0:12:14 Hair Trends in Hungary
  • 0:14:34 Versatility and Experimentation with Hair
  • 0:15:57 Discovering a Family History in Hairdressing
  • 0:17:52 Stephen’s Childhood Dream of Becoming a Movie Director
  • 0:21:02 The realisation of my shy personality
  • 0:23:16 Living in the shadow and the need for change
  • 0:24:23 The Importance of Experience in Craft and Skill
  • 0:34:39 The Inspiration Behind the Book
  • 0:37:14 Release and Success of the Book