Since the Lockdowns of 2020/21 there has been an explosion of online hair educators. Using video call services like Zoom and social media platforms, it has never been so accesseble for taking the first steps into providing online education. But what about taking that hair education to the next level by starting your very own online platform that you have full control of? Thats what todays guest, world renowned hair educator Ben Brown has been doing for the last few years.  In this extended conversation that I had with Ben back in episode 196  we are to get his inside look at how he went about starting his very own online education platform, Bb Education.

Whether you’re close to or possibly considering staring your own online education platform, check out this episode for some insightful words on both creating and managing it. We get to hear how having your uniqueness will really play a big part to finding your success in todays thriving online hair education world.

Ben is an absolute rockstar when it comes to delivering hair education, and I was so excited to have had this bonus content that I had only previously shared with my wonderful Patreon community. But today, I’m to now share that conversation with you, listen closely.



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Thank you to Ben Brown for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.



Today’s Guest

A Left handed educator, Ben is the founder of Bbeducation who’s 23 years experience has seen him go on to become one of the world most in demand hair educators.

Why does Ben teach? Simple he loves to learn, above else he loves learning. Ben thinks educators should be students that teach, we learn to share we grow to make others grow.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays conversation with Ben Brown

  • 04 min 20 sec: How and why Ben built a successful online education platform.
  • 08 min 38 sec: Spread your circle of influence.
  • 11 min 25 sec: It’s a journey.
  • 14 min 32 sec: Ben’s education uniqueness.
  • 17 min 16 sec: How much education content to give-away?
  • 18 min 51 sec: Building an email list.
  • 20 min 52 sec: Whats you why?