It might surprise you that a 17 year old hairdresser was the winner of Quif Centre Stage 2022. Yes at just  17 years of age Vinny-Lee Brennan entered and won the innagural Quif Centre Stage 2022.

Quif Centre Stage is a brand new hair industry competition open to all levels of hair professionals and has been created to find the next Generation of Hair Colour Stage Artists. The competitions live finals were held back in September at the Alan Howard HQ in Stockport, UK and I had the pleasure to host this.

In this episode today, we are going to inspire a new generation of hair professionals on why they too should throw themselves into entering hair industry competitions like Quif Centre Stage. And who better to help us than Vinny-Lee Brennan himself.

Vinny is currently completing his training apprenticeship at his mums salon, Colour-Code Hair Lounge in Stoke-on-Trent, and is certainly an emerging hair talent to watch out for.

Already in his short time working in the hair industry he has worked on stage at Salon International 2022 styling for Alfa Italia, and was on the styling team at Cheshire Fashion week. Vinny really is throwing himself into the hair industry, and grabbing every opportunity it gives to him. I love that!

So we are to kickoff our conversation on what excites Vinny about the hair industry, leading in to what life looks like for 17 year old hairdresser in 2022? Im keen to also get his experiences of entering and winning Quif Centre Stage 2022 so young.

We cover all this and lots more in todays episode. I know all you young hair professionals will be pumped on what Vinny shares. It’s a great listen from a extremely focused and impressive young hair professional. Enjoy!


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Thank you to Vinny-Lee Brennan for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next time Howtocutter’s, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.

Today’s Guest

Vinny-Lee Brennan, is from Stoke-on-Trent and has been hairdressing for 5 years in his mums salon, Colour-Code Hair Lounge.

Earlier in the year he decided to enter the Quif Centre Stage competition and got through to the finals. There he competed against four other stylists in creating a look, before presenting it to a panel of judges and a live audience and winning the competition!

Since then he has also worked on stage at Salon International 2022 styling for Alfa Italia, and was on the styling team at Cheshire Fashion week.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Vinny Lee Brennan

  • 03 min 48 sec: How and why a hairdresser so young.
  • 09 min 04 sec: Impact social media and events has on a young hairdresser.
  • 12 min 47 sec: Whats training look like for Vinny.
  • 15 min 20 sec: Where Vinny learns most from.
  • 16 min 55 sec: What excites Vinny most about hairdressing the most.
  • 19 min 13 sec: What sets you apart to build your career currency.
  • 21 min 27 sec: Entering and being part of the Quif Centre Stage competition.
  • 29 min 54 sec: Cost for entering Quiff Centre Stage.
  • 32 min 22 sec; Prizes for winning Quif Centre Stage 2022.
  • 34 min 21 sec: Get involved in Quif Centre Stage 2023.
  • 35 min 17 sec; Why its important to get involved in hair industry competitions.
  • 36 min 17 sec: Know your limits and find the right industry competitions.
  • 39 min 22 min: Ambitions for Vinny.





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