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From the most popular blonde categories and services to the struggles of finding the perfect toning solution. Today we’re talking all things blonde using the brand new Blondorplex Cream Toners from Wella Professionals. Joining me for this conversation is Wella Professionals UKI Digital Ambassador James Earnshaw and Commercial Education manager, Daisy Hewitt.

They’re super excited to introduce the brand new Blondorplex Cream Toners from Wella Professionals and share how this product can benefit your clients and business. With a super-fast toning solution that won’t leave your clients hair feeling damaged or dry, these toners come in five different shades, including a brass kicker.

James also shares some tips and tricks for using Blondorplex Cream Toners. They wrap up their conversation by discussing why Blondorplex Cream Toners is the right choice for both stylists and clients, and where you can find more information on these products.

So, tune in and get ready to be blown away by the latest and most innovative in blonde toning haircare that your clients will adore, and all in super-fast time!

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Thank you for James Earnshaw and Daisy Hewitt for joining me on todays podcast in collaboration with Wella Professionals UKI

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.



Today’s Guest

Daisy Hewitt

Wella Professionals UKI Commercial Technical Education Manager

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in todays episode with James Earnshaw and Daisy Hewitt

  • 04 min 29 sec: Demands for colour blondes business and services.
  • 06 min 04 sec: James’s tips with toning blondes.
  • 09 min 30 sec: Dedicated toning solutions.
  • 10 min 30 sec: Why James loves Blondorplex Cream Toners, and his favourites from the range.
  • 13 min 16 sec: Why so much excitement around Blondorplex Cream Toners.
  • 16 min 49 sec: The Blondorplex Cream Toners shade line up.
  • 19 min 57 sec: Looks from the collection.(/li>
  • 21 min 37 sec: Collection – Emily.
  • 23 min 32 sec: Collection – Jemima.
  • 24 min 52 sec: Collection – Lizzie.
  • 28 min 36 sec: When should be using Blondorplex Cream Toners.
  • 31 min 27 sec: Application tips with Blondorplex Cream Toners.
  • 34 min 47 sec: Pioneering colour technology.
  • 36 min 40 sec: Blonde life cycle.
  • 39 min 22 sec: Final thoughts on Blondorplex Cream Toners.



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