KP: POP is an exciting new collection by James Earnshaw in collaboration with the Wella Education team, that celebrates COLOUR! Today we are privileged to get the story and journey to this exciting colour mixtures all created using the ICONIC Koleston Perfect, and then captured in a photo collection.

Recorded live in the Wella Studio Manchester UK, this collaborative podcast with Wella Professionals UKI, I get to sit down for a conversation with Wella UK Top Artists and Ambassador James Earnshaw and their Commercial Education Manger, Daisy Hewitt. In this insightful conversation, we get to find out how you can take the looks from the KP: POP collection shoot to salon so that you can inspire your clients in 2023.

We learn why the Koleston Perfect colour heritage is so important as a brand. Most hairdressers will have heard of Koleston Perfect and used it for standard services. Koleston Perfect has to move with the times and be reactive to trends. Thats why Koleston Perfect can be used for everything; inspiring yet commercial!

James reveals his inspiration to the looks behind the collection and why KP: POP is important to him. He also gives us an overview to the looks, services and techniques behind the KP: POP collection. Daisy shares the reality of taking this collection to salon life – from runway to store!

KP: POP is all about inspiring a brand new Koleston Perfect audience showcasing saturated bold colour placement. So listen in and hear how to celebrate colour in a young fresh way!


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Thank you to James Earnshaw and Daisy Hewitt for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.

Today’s Guest

Daisy Hewitt

Wella Professionals UKI Commercial Technical Education Manager

Show notes:

Heres some of the key points what we cover in todays podcast with James Earnshaw and Daisy Hewitt

  • 03 min 19 sec: The launch of Koleston KP POP collection.
  • 05 min 16 sec: Why the KP ID was so important to Koleston Perfect as a brand.
  • 08 min 49 sec: Koleston Perfect as a product.
  • 10 min 53 sec: Why James loves working with Koleston Perfect.
  • 12 min 46 sec: Introducing KP POP.
  • 16 min 08 sec: Creating services that are quick and easy to do.
  • 17 min 22 sec: Inspirations behind the KP Pop collection looks.
  • 20 min 09 sec:From shoot to salon.
  • 25 min 31 sec: The looks behind the collection.
  • 29 min 34 sec: 3D Colour and Rainbow Lights techniques and services.
  • 36 min 39 sec: James and Daisy’s favourite looks from the KP Pop collection.
  • 39 min 31 sec: Takeaway tips so you can get the most from the KP Pop collection.