Todays guest is Wella Professionals UKI Digital Ambassador & Content Hairdresser, James Earnshaw.

We’re talking with James about what it means to be a Content Hairdresser in 2022. We’re talking about his creative process to creating content. And we’re talking about the inspirations and workings behind the latest Wella KP: ID collection shoot day. It’s a podcast made for all you hairdressers mad about creating standout hair looks for both your social images and short form videos.

In the first of a brand new series brought to you by Wella Professionals UKI,  ‘Inside the Mind’ goes deep into the thinkings and understandings to the ‘Why’ from Wella Professionals Ambassadors and Top Artists.

Recorded and filmed live at the Wella Studios Manchester, UK, in this episode we had the pleasure to sit down for a enlightening conversation with James – regarded by many as one of the UK’s most exciting hair talents of the digital generation.

With over 66K followers on Instagram, James certainly knows he’s stuff when it comes to creating gorgeous imagery for content posts and videos that deliver outstanding results on social media. Little wonder then when was charged with the responsibility of heading up the project behind the latest Wella KP: ID collection. A diverse hair colour collection he and the Wella team absolutely smashed!

James shares some behind-the-scenes-stuff to the studio day creating and capturing the images to the new KP: ID collection . He also reveals how it excited him to unleashing his full colour creativity using Kolestone Perfect. With it’s 5 new shades – 5/71, 7/77, 8/01, 77/44, 99/44, you’ll also learn how Kolestone Perfect can excite you, too.

This podcast is packed full with James’s top tips for all of you who want to up your game as content hairdressers. Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss this one.



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Thank you to James Earnshaw for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.

Today’s Guest

Wella Professionals UKI Digital Ambassador, GHD Trade Ambassador,  and 2019/20 BHA Midlands Hairdresser of the Year and One Shot Awards Winner. It’s easy to understand why James Earnshaw is regarded as one of the UK’s most exciting hair talents of the digital generation.

A new breed of social content hairdressers, when he is not working on brand shoots and education courses in his ambassadorial roles, his freelance services are regularly called upon for editorial, fashion and red carpet assignments.

Follow James on Instagram:

Show notes:

Heres some of what cover into days episode with James Earnshaw

  • 03 min 31 sec: Becoming and the role of being a successful Content Hairdresser.
  • 06 min 43 sec: How to create great social content images.
  • 08 min 21 sec: Why a Content Hairdresser and not a Salon Owner.
  • 11 min 34 sec: Finding regular work, and challenges of being a Content Hairdresser.
  • 13 min 11 sec: Why Instagram post interactions over likes are more important to James.
  • 14 min 40 sec: Planning content shoots that have success on social.
  • 16 min 55 sec: Why James Instagram account grew?
  • 18 min 33 sec: Providing valuable content of a professional hairdresser.
  • 19 min 20 sec: Short form videos on TikTok and Instagram.
  • 20 min 40 sec: Tips to capturing great hair images and writing caption descriptions for your social media posts.
  • 22 min 39 sec: Posting stories on social.
  • 23 min 30 sec: Signature style of James.
  • 24 sec 35 sec: Exciting with the latest Wella KP: ID collection.
  • 26 min 05 sec: Inspirations to creating the images to the new KP: ID collection.
  • 30 min 06 sec: How to create anything with Kolestone Perfect.
  • 31 min 45 sec: Using mood boards.
  • 32 min 37 sec: Working with a great team for the KP: ID collection.
  • 33 min 59 sec: James’s standout look from the collection.
  • 35 min 13 sec: Day of the KP: ID shoot collection.
  • 37 min 05 sec: James take on new hair trends of 2022.
  • 39 min 08 sec: What to take from the KP: ID collection.
  • 41 min 04 sec: Going forward with content shoots with Wella and personally for James.







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