It’s a pleasure to bring back on to the How To Cut It podcast, Alan Beak, co-owner of Ruger Barber. Theres some big changes afoot for the Ruger Barber business, and today we’re learning what’s dropping soon for it. It’s exciting stuff!

In Part 2 of our collaborative podcast series with Denman Professional, we get to hear from Alan on how and why Ruger Barber is moving to a new site location along with a new pioneering concept for it. A big slice of this is centred around re-branding the business to hair that has no genders.

Alan also gives us a lot of things that are happening for him as Ambassador for Denman Professional. This includes the tools he loves using, and a big exclusive on how he will be working on the forthcoming Denman’s Global Ambassador Collection. You must stick around for this, it’s a super cool idea!

With his successful co-owned business, product company and ambassadorial roles, I just love the approach Alan has to continually developing and growing. It’s his never-stand-still-approach that inspires so many in the hair and barbering industry. And thats why I’m really excited to bring Alan back on this episode today in collaboration with Denman Professional.




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Thank you to Alan Beak for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next time, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.






Today’s Guest

Denman Professional Ambassador, Alan Beak’s presence in the barbering world is undeniably one of the biggest in the UK. Having been trained in traditional Italian barbering, ladies hairdressing and afro-Caribbean styles, he has become the hybrid of barbers, and increasingly in-demand.

Excelling in his fade work and extensive styling has gained him notoriety throughout the country and in fact across the globe, allowing him to travel around GB and Ireland and most recently to the US to deliver their contemporary and traditional techniques. Headlining at shows like The Great British Barber Bash and the numerous magazine appearances Alan has made guest appearances at the prestigious Global Barbershop Connect event in NYC and is taking The Beak Boys on an amazing career journey.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Alan Beak

  • 04 min 21 sec: Where Alan Beak is with Ruger Barber in 2022.
  • 10 min 03 sec: Assets and Liabilities.
  • 13 min 38 sec: The look and vibe of the new Ruger Barber business.
  • 15 min 51 sec: Changing how we work as a hair professional.
  • 18 min 03 sec: Complete business re-band to hair that has no genders, gender neutralising the business.
  • 25 min 14 sec: Why its a natural synergy between Alan and Denman.
  • 27 min 23 sec: Scared to being just one dimensional.
  • 29 Min 57 sec: Why it’s so good to share so much.
  • 32 min 51 sec: About the forthcoming Denman’s Global Ambassador Collection.
  • 37 min 20 sec: Doing the hair of Steven Barlett.
  • 41 min 31 sec: Why it’s essential to using the right tools to get the right looks.
  • 52 min 34 sec: How Denman is raising funds to the Lions Barber Collective.
  • 56 min 24 sec: “Alan, Tell Us One More Thing That we Really Need to Know?”






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