New Year, New Decade. Does this mean new goals for you?

Answered yes, then one of your goals for 2020 could possibly see you collaborating with likeminded hair stylists and salons to help you grow your skills, and likewise, you help to grow theirs too. This is what todays guests Sabrina Hill and Denise Walsh have gone about doing, and on the back of this in 2018 created together the Business of Hair –  a hairdressing education company. If the idea of collaborating appeals to you, then you’re in for a treat as we’re about to explore with Sabrina and Denise on why you need to be collaborating in 2020.

Two successful salon owners, educators and social media industry influencers from Ireland, Sabrina owner of Kopper Hair Salon, Cork and Denise owner of Rustiq Salons, Kilkenny are separated by a 2 hour car journey. But this did not stop them from connecting and after a meeting up, coming together to initially creating a mutual collaboration of education between their salons. Bingo! With Denise’s salon business acumen and Sabrina’s award winning colour expertise, their salon businesses benefited from cross sharing education in the particular strengths. The perfect collaboration!

Collaborating is big news right now, and I love how the idea could help the future of the hair industry . A process of two or more people working together to complete a task or achieve a goal, you’ll hear how it could benefit you or your salon business, whilst also developing a support network for self-employed hairdressers.

From in-salon education and problem solving, there is so many top tips coming your way from Denise and Sabrina on why collaborating could be the right way forward for hair stylists and salon businesses. Like I said, I love the idea of collaborating and I’m sure this could be one of your goals for 2020 and onwards, so make sure to listen in.


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Special thanks to Denise Walsh and Sabrina Hill for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Today’s Guest

Owner of Kopper Hair Salon in Cork, Sabrina is an expert, award winning colourist, who is the go-to girl for celebrity hair colour, colour correction, presentations and stage work. She is passionate about the ever-changing face of hairdressing and continues to educate herself on a very regular basis. Her love for colour correction is well known and she is ardent about reversing damaged over processed hair to wonderful healthy hair.

Denise Walsh
A passionate stylist in the industry over 25 years and Owner & Director  of Ireland’s Rustiq Salons 15 years. A successful salon group with intense education programmes to push our stylists & beauty therapists to their limits. Denise strives to have the most educated employees in their status. Winner of numerous accolades incl Irish Fantastic hairdresser of the year , Irish Fantastic salon of the Year and Kilkennys chamber of Commerce  awards of the year for employer, customer service, innovation and numerous others.


Show notes:

Heres some of we cover in today’s episode 3 min 35

  • 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • 03 min 35 sec: Introduction to Denise Walsh.
  • 06 min 29 sec: Introduction to Sabrina Hill.
  • 07 min 49 sec: Why collaboration was the right thing for Denise and Sabrina.
  • 10 min 28 sec: Reaching out to connect.
  • 18 min 50 sec: The big business in hair colour work.
  • 19 min 03 sec: The beginnings of Denise’s and Sabrina’s collaboration.
  • 21 min 07 sec: Overcoming competitive rivalries to collaborate.
  • 24 min 17 sec: Collaboration between salons and staff.
  • 27 min 00 sec: Why being self-employed can be a lonely place.
  • 28 min 43 sec: Salon staff exchange and. work experience.
  • 34 min 00 sec: Business of Hair education.
  • 36 min 44 sec: Staf wages.
  • 40 min 21 sec: Different beliefs in education.
  • 41 min 35 sec: Consultations part of education.
  • 43 min 44 sec: How social media has been key for Denise and Sabrina’s success.
  • 49 min 49 sec: Top Tips to why we need to be collaborating.
  • 52 min 18 sec: Announcement of Business for Hair courses.
  • 54 min 17 sec: Dom’s Last 5.
  • 57 min 28 sec: Show outro.