In this podcast episode in collaboration with Wella Professionals UK & Ireland, we’re joined by Daisy Goord, Salon Owner of Daisy Goord in Plymouth and Wella Professionals UKI Digital Craft Expert.

Daisy is known for her expertise in creating beautiful blondes, and we’ll be diving into that today, along with sharing her industry experience and impressive online following, with 119K followers on Instagram and 149.3K on TikTok…and counting!

In our conversation we are to explore why Daisy loves doing blondes so much and why it’s a lucrative business. We also get her favorite blonde services, techniques, and go-to products reveals for lifting, toning, and caring for blondes using the new Blondorplex Cream Toners.

As we head further into the podcast, Daisy discusses the challenges of working with blondes and offers valuable tips and tricks for achieving the best results. She highlights the benefits of the new BlondorPlex Cream Toners and provides advice on selecting the perfect toner for clients.

Shifting to the social side, we learn how Daisy built her massive following and her favorite content to film and photograph. She shares lighting tips, the importance of posting consistency, and involving clients in her content creation process.

Daisy wraps up with her final thought—a culmination of valuable insights from our conversation.

Join us for this mega podcast episode as we delve into the world of blondes with Daisy Goord, and gain inspiration and knowledge from her blonding and social media expertise.



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Thank you for Daisy Goord for joining me on todays podcast in collaboration with Wella Professionals UKI

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Today’s Guest

Salon owner of Daisy Gord in Plymouth, Daisy is an acclaimed hair expert specialising in stunning blonde hairstyles.

As Wella Professionals UKI Digital Craft Expert, she has a significant following on Instagram (119K) and TikTok (149.3K). Daisy’s client-focused approach, innovative scheduling methods, and expertise in addressing challenges with blondes have solidified her reputation. With her skills as a content creator, Daisy is fast becoming a rising star a in the hairdressing industry.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode with Daisy Goord

  • Background to Daisy.
  • Why Daisy loves doing blondes?
  • Blondes are big business. Why?
  • Daisy’s favourite blonde services/techniques.
  • What challenges do we have when it comes to doing blondes?
  • Daisy’s tips & tricks for achieving the best blonde results.
  • What key benefits does Daisy have for using BlondorPlex Cream Toners?
  • Daisy’s advise to selecting the perfect toner for our clients
  • How Daisy’s Instagram and TikTok you blew up?
  • Daisy’s favourite content to film/photograph?
  • Lighting tips and tricks.
  • Posting consistency.



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