Many of our guests have achieved true iconic status in the hair industry, and I love having them come on to the podcast to share their stories with us. And today I’ve a legendary icon, because joining us is Vivienne Mackinder – one of the most iconic names to ever come out of international hairdressing. A visionary, pioneer and innovator, Vivienne’s heritage as the former Artistic Director at Vidal Sassoon and Creative Director for international icon Trevor Sorbie is a story of hairdressing tales that we need to hear and appreciate.

Driven by a mission to continually hone her own artistry and creativity, multi-award winning Vivienne shares her early beginnings and trailblazing within the hair industry. Leveraging technology with online hair education we will hear how in an era long before Social Media and hair video uploads to YouTube, Vivienne launched (HDTV) in 2000. Truly Pioneering!

Move forward to 2019 HDTV currently hosts over 900 videos in cut, colour, styling, Train the trainer, Inspiration, mentoring and leadership. Vivienne believes when you “learn more you earn more”, and she continues to teach others how to “feed their heart and pocket.”

Don’t be fooled in to thinking that Vivienne is now sitting on all her amazing achievements in hairdressing just yet. With her futuristic strengths finder personality and a continuing passion for producing beauty in hair, Vivienne is still very much in demand as featured guest artist and educator for events worldwide. She divides her time between, teaching and presenting on and off camera, editorial shoots. We will also learn about her forthcoming UK appearance at The Fantastic Hairdresser ‘Inspirational Minds 2019’ event. There’s loads to go at here, so make sure not to miss Vivienne’s inspirational story!


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Special thanks to Vivienne Mackinder for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Today’s Guest

Vivienne Mackinder is one of  the most highly respected international leaders and innovators in the hairdressing profession today.

Currently based in the Hamptons, New York, Vivienne grew up in London, where she attended the London College of Fashion.  Upon Graduating she immediately landed a position with Vidal Sassoon’s, eventually becoming his Artistic Director.  Continuing to climb the ladder of success she became the Creative Director for international icon Trevor Sorbie.  While based in London for Trevor, she travelled the world and eventually settled in the USA where she developed and represented the Sorbie Artistic team and product line.

Producer and director of “I’m Not Just a Hairdresser” a Documentary film series designed to inspire new and seasoned hairdressers alike.  The series includes “Legends,” featuring Vidal Sassoon and other industry greats “Empires”, a rag to riches story, “Stars Behind the Chair’, all about girl power, and “Discover Your Passion”.

Some of Vivienne’s awards successes include 6 time NAHA winner, North American Hairstyling Awards Honouree “Life Time Achievement” Award 2009, Leo Passage Educator of the Year, International Icon Hairdressing Irish Hairdressing Federation and AIPP Best Commercial Award by the International Press.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode

  • >> 00 min 30 sec: Show intro
  • >> 04 min 13 sec: Vivienne coming to the UK to present at Inspirational Minds 2019
  • >> 07 min 40 sec: Early beginnings in hairdressing for Vivienne
  • >> 10 min 55 sec: The characteristics of Vivienne
  • >> 13 min 52 sec: Vivienne’s time working with Trevor Sorbie
  • >> 16 min 06 sec: What is beauty to Vivienne
  • >> 19 min 05 sec: Why Vivienne moved to America
  • >> 23 min 27 sec: American hairdressing
  • >> 28 min 32 sec: Leaving Trevor Sorbie
  • >> 31 min 17 sec: Creating
  • >> 33 min 12 sec: A look at the What, Why, How and the dedication needed to find success
  • >> 39 min 32 sec: Future projects for
  • >> 43 min 19 sec: Stripping down what makes a good consultation
  • >> 46 min 00 sec: Inspirational Minds 2019 event
  • >> 49 min 23 sec: Where to find out more on Vivienne
  • >> 52 min 32 sec: Last 5 Questions That Has Nothing To Do With Hair
  • >> 54 min 26 sec: Show outro