Today’s special guest is Matthew Sutcliffe. A former UK L’Oreal Colour Trophy winner and Creative Head ‘It List Guy’, Matthew is a hairdresser I’ve long admired. Most recently I’ve become a huge fan of the salon he co-owns, Tint Leeds.

A salon where all it’s stylists are self-employed, Matthew got inspiration to open Tint Leeds after the negative experiences he had when he went from being employed to a self-employed hairdresser. He hated it. In this HTCI podcast, Matthew talks us through his journey to Tint Leeds. We will learn how its fresh attitude to producing a modern culture in todays hairdressing industry, is changing the poor perception that the self-employed salon has long had.

If your perception is, “Self-employed salons are unprofessional,” then think again. Tint Leeds has taken the best from employed and self-employed salons, and fused them all together to create one of the most progressive and exciting salons in the UK right now.  Listening to what Matthew say’s today will go a long way to cutting out the stigma of self-employed salons.

Whether employing or self-employing hairdressers, I love the fact that our industry offers us all choices. It’s all about what suits your own business goals and set ups. If being a self-employed salon is of interest to your salon business set up, then you won’t go far wrong by listening in to what Matthew shares with us all today.

I respect how Matthew is taking the self-employed salons to another level, and how his team is at the forefront of everything he’s doing. As he says, “Being co-owner of Tint Leeds my ultimate goal is to use my experience to educate staff and help them achieve what they want from this amazing industry.”

So what are we waiting for, lets dive into todays episode with Matthew Sutcliffe.



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Special thanks to Matthew Sutcliffe for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Today’s Guest

Creative director and co-owner of Tint Leeds, Matthew Sutcliffe 20 years in hairdressing has seen him achieve industry accolades that include, L’Oreal Colour Trophy winner, FAME team member, Creative Heads It Guy and Babyliss ambassador. 

Regularly work at national and international fashion shows such as Milan, Paris and London, Matthew stills enjoy working in the salon, meeting people and learning new things. As co-owner of Tint Leeds his ultimate goal is to use his experience to educate staff and help them achieve what they want from this amazing industry.



Show notes:

Here’s some of what we discuss in todays episode

  • 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • 06 min 38 sec: Coping with isolation.
  • 12 min 28 sec: Background to Matthew in hairdressing and industry achievements.
  • 17 min 26 sec: The process to the end goal.
  • 19 min 24 sec: Going from an employed creative director to see-employed hairdresser by default.
  • 27 min 21 sec: Moving to London.
  • 31 min 31 sec: The spark to creating and opening Tint Leeds.
  • 37 min 08 sec: The setup space of Tint Leeds.
  • 42 min 39 sec: Building up a community of hairdressers.
  • 43 min 19 sec: Making self-employed salons a seriously professional set up.
  • 44 min 16 sec: Tint Art Team.
  • 46 min 49 sec: The challenges to having a self-employed hair salon.
  • 49 min 20 sec: Setup and benefits for the team working at Tint Leeds.
  • 55 min 44 sec: Self-employed becoming more valued.
  • 57 min 19 sec: The team is everything.
  • 58 min 34 sec: What opportunities are there for the employed apprentices at Tint Leeds.
  • 01 hr 00 min 44 sec. Origins behind the name of Tint Leeds.
  • 01 hr 01 min 39 sec: Links to Tint Leeds and Matthew.
  • 01 hr 04 min 51 sec: A change for self-employed and how
  • 01 hr 02 min 57 sec: Dom’s last 5 Questions.
  • 01 hr 08 min 21 sec: Show outro.