When Jo Irving of Love Hair first found her wedding style niche of cool ‘undone styles’ for brides, she could have never imagined the exciting opportunities it would carve open for her. But don’t think it’s been an easy ride for her! Jo’s here today to share why you need to have creative skills, determination and being prepared to pivot your career in a completely new direction if you’re wanting to find your successful place in the world of hair.

A creative bridal hair stylist, entrepreneur and educator, Jo has had several successful hair business, including being a bridal hair stylist and running one of the largest hair & make-up agencies in the UK. However it was her love of not ‘wedding hair’ but creating ‘undone hairstyles’ (unstructured updos and beachy waves) that pivoted Jo’s career to teaching these cool looks of todays generation.

With a true entrepreneurial spirit and talent Jo has a passion for looking that ‘gap in the market’. This year saw Jo launched The Lovehair Business Club – a monthly subscription for stylists and salons looking for help in reaching their goals and growing their brand. Running alongside this is her Lovehair Tribe; a stylist support network for past students, where the stylists have made genuine friendships and been able to grow their businesses organically. BOOSH… how mega!

Whether it’s educating from her studio, travelling the world to styling her brides, or running this year her first ‘hair retreat’ In Ibiza, Jo is the perfect female role model to all what can be achieved in the hair industry. So if you’re looking for inspiration to help find your place in the world of hair, then this is going to be a brilliant episode for you.

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Today’s Guest

Jo Irving is a creative bridal hair stylist and educator and has been an entrepreneur since she was 20, when she opened her first salon in Scotland.

Jo’s passion lies in education, she believes in creating a nurturing environment to give students the confidence to learn new skills and the knowledge to create and ‘own’ their business. She now does this both from her studio in Surrey and in-salon all over the UK.

Her wedding style, which has proved so popular with brides and stylists alike is ‘anti bride’ as she says ‘wedding hair’ is just beautiful hair on a day when you happen to be getting married. She creates cool, undone styles for brides and brands looking for a more bespoke style and has been flown to Sri Lanka,Singapore, Indonesia and around Europe to do just that.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in today’s episode

  • 00 min 30 sec: Show intro
  • 04 min 30 sec: Background to Jo Irving
  • 09 min 00 sec: Why Jo found a gap in unstructured bridal updos
  • 12 min 36 sec: Jo’s bridal agency
  • 15 min 04 sec: The day to day business of Jo Irving
  • 19 min 25 sec: What Jo is charging for her updo hair work
  • 19 min 47 sec: Why Jo hit a wall of doing wedding hair
  • 21 min 16 sec: About Love Hair business
  • 22 min 05 sec: The Love Hair Business Club
  • 28 min 43 sec: The Love Hair Tribe
  • 29 min 29 sec: Education courses on offer with Love Hair
  • 31 min 38 sec: How Jo how found her niche and style through a competitor copying
  • 35 min 08 sec: Managing the online side of the business
  • 37 min 37 sec: Why Jo is loving what she’s doing right now
  • 38 min 23 sec: Being a GHD Brand Warrior
  • 39 min 40 sec: People, magazine and brands Jo collaborates with
  • 41 min 54 sec: Using Instagram genuinely
  • 43 min 47 sec: Jo’s best advise to creating your own authentic niche
  • 45 min 56 sec: The future for Jo and Love Hair
  • 46 min 29 sec: New education courses on offer
  • 46 min 15 sec: Where to find more on Jo online
  • 48 min 30 sec: Dom’s 5 Quick Fire Questions
  • 50 min 54 sec: Show outro



Love Hair Business Club



The Hair Show – Episode 2


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