Today’s guest Emil McMahon says,”I don’t believe hairdressers should sell anything.” Curious?

I want you to learn from this conversation with Emil that to retail successfully in 2020 is not giving hard sales that you’re uncomfortable with, but more on how you need to be educating your clients on the products that you are using and why. This is part of a great salon service that your clients both want and expect in 2020.

Drawing on his personal experiences, salon business and the challenges sales people face in their daily life, Emil is to share in this podcast today tips that can be used in salons and on social media that will help you overcome the challenges and fears of retailing. If generating more income in these tough times ahead sounds appealing, then we have it all wrapped up for you in this podcast.

A former guest of the show, Emil recently launched the Don’t Sell book. A book with 8 training decks looks at modern salon life, how internet shopping has changed the way we purchase products, how social media needs to develop to become a more successful marketing tool for salons and how communication needs to evolve to stay current and relevant in an ever challenging market.

4 years in the making, Don’t Sell can be used by salon owners and sales people in their daily working life. And today we’re to be spoilt as we get the training sessions that have been created as power-points to use alongside the information in the book that have been specifically designed to be short sharp power-bursts of useful information.

Looking at where salon life might be heading as the high streets in every village, town and city change can help salon owners future proof their business and encourage clients to visit more frequently. Introducing new elements to the building can create an experience for clients which encourages them to return more frequently and to spend more money. So if you wanting to know how to retail successfully in 2020, then stay locked in.


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Special thanks to Emil McMahon for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.


Today’s Guest

With a wealth of experience in style, colour, treatments, home-care products and the ever popular and relevant world of social media, Emil believes he can help product companies, salons, stylists and retailers move to a new level in communicating and developing their businesses, over-coming their challenges and growing their customer base. The skill and experience – mixed with his talent for team building and business development – mean he’s an in-demand presenter and educator.


Show notes:

Here’s some of wha we cover in todays episode with Emil 3

  • 00 min 00 sec: Show intro.
  • 04 min 59 sec: The changing face of Social Media.
  • 09 min 21 sec: The Don’t Sell Book.
  • 12 min 08 sec: Not to be defeated by online shopping.
  • 17 min 00 sec: 5 key points to posting regularly on Social.
  • 19 min 22 sec: TikToK, Facebook and it’s power.
  • 25 min 39 sec: Training Decks.
  • 26 min 49 sec: Being Amazonian.
  • 30 min 02 sec: The Easy Option.
  • 31 min 29 sec: The Challenging Option.
  • 33 min 58 sec: What we should embrace from online shopping.
  • 35 min 47 sec: How do we plan social strategically.
  • 37 min 26 sec: If Amazon was a hairdressers, how would they retail?
  • 40 min 44 sec: Consistenncy.
  • 44 min 45 sec: Why bother?
  • 47 min 45 sec: Future Proof.
  • 51 min 19 sec: Recap.
  • 55 min 29 sec: Commission structures.
  • 01 hr 01 min 01 sec: Show outro.