Confidence is the big hook of todays episode. More should I say, giving your team the confidence to know how good they really are, so that they can consistently deliver workshop quality hair on salon appointment time.

When it comes to giving your team that confidence, you need a inspiring leader to steer the ship correctly to it’s dock. And on this episode of the podcast, we’re speaking with a truly inspirational leader. His name is Niall Colgan of Niall Colgan Hairdressing in Limerick, Ireland. Recognise that name?

Back in 2019 we brought Niall onto the podcast. Little did we know then how big his podcast was to become. His hard-hitting story of how he battled with the addiction of alcohol, drugs and a suicide attempt grabbed the attention of many from around the world. To have the opportunity to bring Niall back onto the show is one I couldn’t resist.

For Niall, he is so passionate that all hairdressers should be paid what they are worth. But to do this he says, “You need to be the best versions of yourself, everyday!” By being this means we need to deliver the very best hair work to every single client. Niall and his team of motivated hairdressers are being installed with this.

Taking the inspiration of the hair work from the worlds leading educators, Niall Colgan Hairdressing are reproducing this workshop quality hair on the salon floor. In doing so means they are giving each client a high valued product and service every single time. And the result of this, hairdressers earning more money. Sounds good?

As you dive in to this episode, put these words of Niall’s into your head, “Be so good they cannot ignore you!”


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Thank you to Niall Colgan for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!

Today’s Guest

In 2009 Niall saw a chasm in the market for a high end yet accessible salon for his discerning clientele. The rest is his-story.

After 33 years in the industry Niall’s passion and dedication to maintain his extremely high standard remains unwavered. Niall believes you never stop learning and evolving in your chosen craft.

Now employing 19 staff, Niall Colgan Hairdressing is finally making the sort of waves in the industry that Niall has always dreamed of .

His obsession for hair and his team is going to take them places. He’s only just begun!

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays conversation with Niall

  • 00 min 00 sec: Show intro.
  • 08 min 19 sec: Drugs, alcohol and the image to being a salon hairdresser.
  • 15 min 21 sec: Never been a better time to be a creative.
  • 22 min 26 sec: Be booked out without posting one image on social media.
  • 33 min 23 sec: How the industry needs to change dramatically.
  • 36 min 37 sec: Having confidence with the basic cutting fundimentals and charging for it.
  • 45 min 20 sec: Going viral on Facebook.
  • 45 min 51 sec: Giving the permission to all your team to be confident.
  • 54 min 14 sec: The return of the haircutter.
  • 01 hr 07 min 03 sec: The adaptation age.
  • 01 hr 11 min 57 sec: Getting your team confident.
  • 01 hr 34 min 48 sec: Listeners Last Questions.
  • 01 hr 17 min 07 sec: The secret to charging higher prices?
  • 01 hr 25 min 14 sec: Whats coming next from Niall?