A couple of months back I saw a Facebook post by a respected UK barber and a How To Cut It Patreon member, Paul Simmons. His post referred to our interview with Rino Ricco in Episode 192 and how some of the points we discussed in that talked of a misunderstanding to the barbering industry. So I had to invite Paul onto the podcast to get his viewpoints across. An advocate for everything British barbering is, Paul will passionately reveal why he get’s incensed by how many hairdressers do not understand the barbering industry.

This podcast I’m confident will spark up heated conversations. We we also get to learn why Paul feels the industry is being infiltrated by imposters and fraudsters. He says, “It’s time for these imposters to pack up and go back to the careers they walked out of. 2021 will be the biggest year yet for the barbering industry, but also the one with the most turmoil. Barbershops will need to be more professional, get registered with some sort of governing body and start to pay tax, decent wages and charge for their services accordingly.”

Starting his career as a barber in 1976 in a small barbershop in Wolverhampton, Paul has gone on to become owner of Simmons Barbershops and works as an ambassador for a leading scissor brand, along with working on shows around the world in his the former role as Artistic Director for Wahl GmbH (Germany). Having such a barber expert on the show, I had to also take up this opportunity to hear Paul’s take on the future direction of the barbering industry.

We’re going to get all of this today, so take a coffee (or tea, or water) break and let’s chat. And if you want more on this conversation with Paul, tune into this weeks Xtra Show HERE.




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Thank you to Paul Simmons for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.




Today’s Guest

Paul Simmons started his career as a barber in 1976 in a small barbershop in Wolverhampton. In 1981 he opened his first shop in Wolverhampton then known as MR PAUL, later going onto become Simmons Barbershops.

Working at shows all around the world in his former role as Artistic director for Wahl GmbH (Germany), Paul is an Ambassador for Matakki scissors working all around the UK with its 2021 education program. He also regular works on many advertising campaigns working as a male groomer for companies such as NatWest, Barclays, Jaguar, Heineken and many more as well as working with lots of hair product companies.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Paul Simmons

  • 06 min 47 sec: A misunderstanding of the barbering industry.
  • 06 mi 10 sec: A traditional barber.
  • 13 min 52 sec: Why barbers are more than just clipper merchants?
  • 15 min 35 sec: Why Paul believes training to becoming a barber is to quick.
  • 18 min 06 sec: Creating a Passive Income.
  • 25 min 20 sec: Is getting staff the main culprit of poor workmanship and quick training?
  • 26 min 05 sec: About Paul’s Simmons Barbershop.
  • 29 min 00 sec: Pricing structure to barbering services.