In this episode, we catch up with Patrick Marrow, owner of the Whitworth Street Creative Studio Group. I want to learn how HiveMCR evolved during the pandemic to become a new membership-driven business that empowers freelancers. Was there a particular moment that Patrick knew when it was time to make a change?

With a shift in people’s preferences to how they want to work after the second lockdown, there was a realisation that led Patrick to reassess his business goals. In our conversation he reveals the thinking behind the membership-driven and incentivised model his new business has adopted.

Patrick highlights the benefits of this membership-driven model, including brand autonomy for stylists and the opportunity for them to create their own career paths while still providing traditional salon amenities.

Community is crucial at the Whitworth Creative Studio Space, and Patrick emphasises how to foster unity among freelancers. Additionally, we hear how the business plans to host makers markets and involve professionals from different industries.

He wraps up the podcast by speaking about the importance of normalising failure and highlights the value of personal connections. Patrick shares his own experience of pivoting during the pandemic, which led to personal growth and a more relaxed approach in life.

So here’s the thing to come out of today episode. If its not working, don’t be afraid to change!



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Thank you to Patrick marrow for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next time Howtocutter’s, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!


Today’s Guest

Patrick Marrow is the owner of The Whitworth Street Creative Studio / Group in Manchester, UK. An entrepreneur, salon owner, colourist & speaker/consultant.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Patrick marrow

  • 0:04:15 Pat’s return and changes in the salon industry
  • 0:08:10 Transitioning to a membership-driven, incentivised space
  • 0:13:23 Decentralised salon with focus on individual autonomy and growth
  • 0:16:30 Clear business model and revenue structure for sustainability and growth
  • 0:21:19 Building a cohesive team of freelancers
  • 0:24:05 Expanding the space to accommodate other creative professionals
  • 0:27:00 Embracing innovation and adapting to change
  • 0:31:28 Salon struggles and downsizing due to COVID restrictions
  • 0:38:55 Embracing Failure and Developing Individual Skill Sets
  • 0:42:51 Importance of Taking Breaks and Focusing on Basics
  • 0:46:52 Lessons Learned and Applied in Salon and Marketing
  • 0:49:32 Joining the Team at Whitworth Street Creative Studios