For todays podcast Im sitting down for a discussion with Samantha Cusick, who is fast becoming an industry powerhouse. As a successful salon owner of her two London salons that specialises in balayage and colouring, Samantha’s to share today her personal experiences, views, and aspirations, taking us on a journey of self-discovery and resilience. 

She dives into her triumphs and challenges, addressing moments of self-doubt and imposter syndrome that she overcame along the way.

A key focus of the conversation is Samantha’s new passion project, Sta Studios. As an extension of Samantha Cusick London, Sta Studios is to launch a new groundbreaking co-working space that caters specifically to freelancers in the hair industry. Samantha delves into the concept behind Sta Studios and its mission to empower freelancers, providing them with an owned business experience and a supportive salon infrastructure.

With a focus on addressing the concerns surrounding the rental model, Samantha highlights the accessibility and affordability of Sta Studios. She discusses the unique features and amenities, such as individual booking software, available assistants, and the innovative Sta Stacked system that maximises freelancers client capacity.

Throughout the interview, Samantha emphasises her commitment to championing women in the industry and advocating for change. She challenges traditional routes to success, encouraging listeners to embrace new opportunities and paths. Samantha’s insights shed light on the importance of self-confidence, self-expression, and staying true to one’s goals.

This episode is a captivating blend of personal stories, industry insights, and empowering perspectives that will leave you inspired and motivated to embrace your own journey. Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation!



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Thank you to Samantha Cusick for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next time Howtocutter’s, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!

Today’s Guest

Combining precision colour skills with unfaltering business intuition, Samantha Cusick is fast becoming an industry powerhouse. her balayage and colour specialist salons in central London are a favourite with press, influencers and celebrities and her roles as global ambassador for Olaplex and ghd reflects Samantha’s ability to understand smart, creative women.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays conversation with Samantha Cusick

  • 0:03:06: Samantha’s early experiences and journey to opening her first salon in Notting Hill.
  • 0:08:12: The importance of having a business plan and Samantha’s experiences opening her salon.
  • 0:10:33: Building a Value-Driven Business with Empowered Team Members.
  • 0:15:14: Challenges of Being a Female Business Owner and Overcoming Bias.
  • 0:18:10: Changing Perception of Women in Hairdressing Industry.
  • 0:23:26: Launching Sta Studios as a High-end Co-working Space for Freelancers.
  • 0:27:52: Introduction and pain points of Freelancers.
  • 0:32:20: Description of Sta Studios Space and Membership Costs.
  • 0:37:41: Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Hairdressing Professionals.










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