You’ve heard of glossing, but what about glazing? Get ready for lots of Zeros! 2022 is the year the shine-boosting technique is blowing up.

In today’s podcast episode brought to you by Wella Professionals, we’re understanding why Wella’s latest innovation product just launched, glazes hair with a zero damage, zero lift, zero ammonia, zero silicone and zero drying alcohols formula that’s kind and gentle. Fail to be part of this Wella innovation could see you miss out on the opportunities it will bring to your salon business.

A conversation recorded Live from the Wella Manchester Studios, UK, I’m joined by Wella Professionals UK & Ireland Commercial Technical Education Manager, Suzane Alphonse and Top Artists, Jordanna Cobella and James Earnshaw. Today they will talk on why Shinefinity should be your new best friend when it comes to giving your clients spectacular long lasting colour glaze, resulting in a healthy-looking shine and a silky hair feel.

If they wasn’t enough for you, then they will also be revealing some palette and mixing formulas using Shinefinity. How to market Shinefinity to your clients. The diversity of the range. Plus, how you can grow your salon business using Shinefinty.

All that and more, today, on the How To Cut It In The Hairdressing Industry podcast with Wella Professionals UK and Ireland.



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Thank you to Suzane Alphonse, Jordanna Cobella and James Earnshaw for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.

Today’s Guest

Suzane Alphonse

Wella Professionals UKI Commercial Technical Education Manager


James Earnshaw

Wella Professionals UKI Digital Ambassador

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode on Shinefinity

  • 03 min 39 sec: What is Shinefinity.
  • 05 min 02 sec: What does Shinefinity bring to salon businesses.
  • 08 min 14 sec: Industry reaction to Shinefinity.
  • 10 min 21 sec: Shine and Tones you can create with Shinefinty.
  • 11 min 12 sec: What is so great about Shinefinity.
  • 14 min 03 sec: Diversity of product range.
  • 15 min 11 sec: An exciting new range for salon post-covid.
  • 17 min 37 sec: Help salon businesses grow with Shinefinity.
  • 18 min 41 sec: Palette and mixing formulas.
  • 20 min 42 sec: How to market Shinfinity to clients.
  • 24 min 00 sec: Profit calculator.
  • 24 min 39 sec: Having fun with it.
  • 25 min 35 sec: Colour menu.
  • 27 min 13 sec: Big tips on using Shinefinity.
  • 28 min 28 sec: Whole new numbering system.






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