How good is your copper hair colour knowledge? I ask because too often it gets overlooked. In an era dominated by vivid trends and our ongoing love affair with blondes, it’s fair to say that copper hair colours are our forgotten hair colour hero. Until now!

Having a new rekindled love affair with copper hair colours whilst combined with expert knowledge, I promise it will take your copper hair clients and business to a whole new level. So step up Rachael Lomax aka Copper Queen!

This episode with the Copper Queen, Rachael Lomax is your ultimate guide to copper hair colouring. We learn everything from the many copper tones that can be achieved, the maintenance of copper colours and lots of expert tips along the way. It’s a essentially a masterclass delivered straight to your ears, wherever you are listening from!

With over 20 years of specialist copper experience, Rachael Lomax has become the authority on copper hair in the industry. Having such knowledge I’m also biting at the bit to finding out more on how and why she niched down to specialise in copper hair colours. What she shares here will inspire you on why it’s important to find your niche. Rachael says in this podcast, ‘Consider having a copper hair expert in your salon’! Great idea!

You can be confident in knowing that you are learning from one of the best when it comes to copper hair colouring. So what are you waiting for, hit that play button!


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Thank you to Rachael Lomax for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next time Howtocutter’s, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!

Today’s Guest

Rachael Lomax, the Copper Queen is a national multi award-winning copper hair specialist and educator. She is an expert in all hair transformations, proudly inspiring and educating a new generation of colour specialists.

With over 13 years as a salon owner at Serenity Norfolk and over 20 years of specialist copper experience, Rachael Lomax is the authority on copper hair in the industry.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Copper Queen

  • 03 min 17 min: Why specialise in copper hair colour.
  • 06 min 06: Is copper an easy colour to do.
  • 05 min 15 sec: Understanding Rachael’s business as a salon owner and educator.
  • 09 min 48 sec: Adapting to different colour brands.
  • 11 min 00 sec: Education with Copper Queen.
  • 13 min 30 sec: Finding the confidence to become an expert.
  • 15 min 07 sec: Rebranded to become the Copper Queen.
  • 19 min 43 sec: Growing and education business.
  • 20 min 48 sec: Coppers is a journey.
  • 24 min 22 sec: Common colour issues with coppers.
  • 29 min 28 min: Everyone has their own bespoke copper colour.
  • 32 min 47 sec: The many copper colour formulations.
  • 36 min 26 sec: Knowledge is so important.
  • 38 min 42 sec: Creating a copper specialist for your salon.
  • 39 min 43 sec: Copper education with Rachael.
  • 41 min 39 sec: Take clients away from copper colours.
  • 43 min 28 sec: What last thing do we need to take from this podcast.





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