With over 50 amazing guests coming on to the show and download monthly numbers hitting 10,000 during 2018, it’s fair to say it’s been an epic year here on the How To Cut It Podcast. Today I want to recap on some of the interviews I had the pleasure to bring you during the year and give you a sneak preview of what’s coming up in 2019 for the HTCI Podcast. It’s going to be a very exciting year, and I can’t wait to share this with you!

First up: We’re going to revisit a small selection of so many incredible interviews I’ve brought you in 2018. These snippets will include my first interview of 2018 with Skyler McDonald, current British Hairdresser of the Year, Sally Brooks, the most innovative hairstylists of our generation, Angelo Seminara, and the shows most downloaded guest to date, Sophia Hilton. These are just small pickings of so many incredible conversations I had. In truth I could bring you a snippet from each each guest I had the honour to interview as they all shared so much of their personal career stories and insights to help take your hairdressing and barbering career to the next level. Thank you to each one of them, they’re all amazing!

I’ll also be sharing with you my plans for 2019. It’s a preview of what to look forward to, to give you an idea of why I’m doing the things I’m doing, and why I’m doing the adjustments I’m making to the show. With the shows popularity going from to strength to strength and with loads more top guests lined up for you in 2019, next year is going to be incredibly exciting.

Before you hit the play button, I want to personally say to how much I value and appreciate you guys and girls for tuning in to the show, along with the many amazing messages and reviews I get regarding the show. It’s this reason that gets me pumped up to creating these weekly podcasts for you all. I’m really looking forward to sharing my 2019 plan with you today – enjoy!

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Until next time, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Happy New Year!

Today’s Guest

A fourth generation hairdresser, Dom Lehane is regarded as an innovative creator within the hair industry. The host of the UK’s No.1 and original podcast for hairdressers and barbers, he has also brought us HairClubLive, Co-created #OpenChairNight and most recently launched The Hair Show on YouTube – a magazine show dedicated to hairdressing and all thats great about it.

You can find and say hi to Dom on the following Social Platforms:

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode

  • 00 min 30 sec: Show intro
  • 06 min 58 sec: Skyler Mcdonald – Concept behind Skyler London
  • 10 min 15 sec: Angelo Seminara – Early beginnings of Angelo’s hairdressing career
  • 12 min 39 sec: Anthony Mascolo – Shift in hairdressing
  • 15 min 53 sec: Errol Douglas – What it would mean to win British Hairdresser of the Year
  • 18 min 53 sec: Naomi Scroggins – Finding your niche in hairdressing
  • 21 min 38 sec: Anna Cofone – Getting out of life what you put in
  • 23 min 20 sec: Alan Austin-Smith – Getting your team engaged
  • 27 min 49 sec: Sophia Hilton – Becoming a mum
  • 29 min 59 sec: Cos Sakkas – Being told you’ve been nominated as a British Hairdresser of the Year
  • 33 min 17 sec: Sally Brooks – Not being the right time to win an award
  • 34 min 41 sec: Show outro