Starting a hairdressing career at her mothers boutique salon in a small UK county town, todays guest Ashleigh Hodges is proof you don’t need to be from a big salon in a city to make it. Achieving many industry successes so early on in her career, Ashleigh is regarded by many in the industry as one of British hairdressings brightest stars. But this has come at a cost. Hitting burnout!

Ashleigh’s hairdressing story so far is one that you need to listen to. Not just because of her many award-winning achievements, ambassador appointments and roles within The Fellowship for British Hairdressing – including her being revealed as their current Chancellor, but how she’s had to deal with the damaging effects industry burnout has had on her mental health. Her story is so inspiring!

I’m confident many of you that listen into the ‘How To Cut It‘ podcasts is because you’re keen to discover your next steps to a successful career in the hair industry. That’s great if you are, but please be aware,  like Ashleigh, this could lead you to industry burnout as you go in pursuit of your goals. Theres some big reminders in this episode on why you need to stop, take stock of what you’ve achieved and the big one, press the reset button. It’ll be the reminder you need that there’s a lot more to life than chasing your dreams of industry greatness. More like maintaining a healthy mind and overall wellbeing. Now thats what I personally call success!

So what are we waiting for. Press that reset button and get listening in to todays episode with the brilliant, Ashleigh Hodges.


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Special thanks to Ashleigh Hodges for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Today’s Guest

Ashleigh Hodges is sort after the world over, from photo shoots in New York, creating chic styles for TV- currently a resident hairdresser on The Voice UK- to presenting to packed arenas globally or looking after clients in the salon. Being an all-rounder Ashleigh brings creativity and inspiration to everything she does. The multiple award winning, previous IT Girl award winner, is making new waves in the industry as co director of HAIRDOTCOM Art Team #neweraofartisticteam nominated for British Hairdressing Awards artistic team of the year.

2019 saw Ashleigh bring in two more nominations for Individual stylist and The Visionary at the respected Most wanted awards. Sustainability is extremely important to Ashleigh, creating #12monthsofsustainability, and now partnering with Davines as their colour ambassador, supporting Hair Art Director Tom Connell on collections, education and show work. Ashleigh likes to spend her time investing back into the industry and was honoured last year to become The Fellowship for British Hairdressings Chancellor.



Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode

  • 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • 05 min 08 sec: Introduction into Ashleigh.
  • 12 min 16 sec: Ashleigh wanting industry opportunities.
  • 16 min 10 sec: Reaching out to Errol Douglas.
  • 19 min 48 sec: Becoming part of the FAME team.
  • 22 min 01 sec: Going to work in London.
  • 26 min 47 sec: Where the opportunities came from.
  • 27 min 36 sec: The introverted and attributes of Ashleigh.
  • 31 min 12 sec: Ashleigh heading to burnout.
  • 38 min 55 sec: Dealing with panic attacks.
  • 42 min 58 sec: Hitting the reset button.
  • 45 min 42 sec: Ashleigh wellbeing and travel.
  • 50 min 02 sec: The reset Ashleigh.
  • 58 min 01 sec: Where Ashleigh is at in hairdressing right now.
  • 01 hr 01 min 43 sec:
  • 01 hr 04 min 27 sec: Ashleigh’s role as Chancellor of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing.
  • 01 hr 05 min 34 sec: Ashleigh and independent education work.
  • 01 hr 07 min 48 sec: Ashleigh’s top takeaway tip.
  • 01 hr 08 min 19 sec: Dom’s last 5 Questions