In todays podcast, I’m joined by Global Community and Engagement manager for Wella Passionistas, Fergal Doyle. In this episode he will be debunking the strategies to everything you need to know to becoming a hairdressing influencer. This includes choosing your social platform, develop the right content strategy, understanding your story and engaging with you followers. He will also be sharing how global brands identify influencers ,and in turn, what this could mean for you.

Influencer seems to be a buzzword easily bandied around. Originally associated with paying influential types like celebrities, some reports suggests that the average influencer can take home anywhere from£25,000 to £100,000 per year by promoting products like clothing, food, beauty and even vitamin supplements on their pages. It’s little wonder then, why becoming a influencer has become an all-out obsession for many – including many within our hair industry.

Now for the reality check. To get into that league of influencer is very rare, and should not be your ultimate reasons.

Being an authentic influencer should be centred around you sharing valuable information with your followers. But becoming a genuine influencer requires a lot more than just randomly posting on your social platforms – you need to have a substantial and authentic following – not brought bots – because of your expertise and transparency.

Starting out hairdressing in his native Ireland, Fergal is first-hand proof on what being an authentic influencer can bring. Joining Wella Professionals as a Field and Studio Technical Educator, his career has grown rapidly. Winner of Educator of the Year 2018, Fergal in 2019 won the coveted ‘Global Gift.ed Award’ 2019 for his work on social media. He know identifies and educates Wella Passionistas, which includes educating them on their social media skills. So you can be in the comfort of knowing that you’re in good hands today when it comes to helping you standout and get noticed on social media.

Let’s dive in!


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Special thanks to Fergal Doyle for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye


Today’s Guest

Educator of the Year 2018 and the winner of the coveted ‘Global Gift.ed Award’ 2019, Fergal Doyle’s journey in hairdressing has seen him go from his native Ireland training at Robert Chambers Academy to becoming the now Global Community and Engagement manager for Wella Passionistas.

Show notes:

Heres some of the key points discussed in today’s episode

  • 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • 04 min 57 sec: The word and meaning of influencer.
  • 06 min 46 sec: Background to Fergal.
  • 13 min 27 sec: Consistency with Instagram posts.
  • 14 min 50 sec: Who are we influencing by knowing your audience.
  • 26 min 25 sec: What makes someone become an Influencer.
  • 28 sec 27 sec: Why Instagram is still the leading social platform for hairdressers.
  • 29 min 39 sec: About and using TikTok.
  • 34 min 11 sec: Advice to doing Instagram Lives.
  • 37 min 14 sec: Why you need to be an authority voice to becoming an influencer.
  • 39 min 16 sec: Genuine engagement – how brands identify genuine influencers.
  • 42 min 06 sec: Why be an influencer.
  • 46 min 25 sec: How are going to get noticed by brands.
  • 52 min 28 sec: Reality check to becoming an influencer.
  • 54 min 17 sec: Using hashtags correctly.
  • 59 min 11 sec: Getting involved with Wella Passionistas
  • 01 hr 01 min 34 sec: Dom’s Last 5 Questions.
  • 01 hr 03 min 08 sec: Show outro.


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