For the last episode of 2021 I’m keen to bring you a podcast that embraces change. In what’s been a difficult year with uncertain times ahead, you maybe approaching the New Year with momentum towards a change towards something new. Great! But what for those fearful of change? Fearful of what change could bring. Could it be this that’s holding you back from all the possibilities change could give you going forward.

For todays guest, Sheila Jackson, change is something she has always fully embraced. It’s been this approach that led to her former role as Director of Education and Events at Wella Professionals. And in this conversation she will share that journey that started out as a 13 year old schoolgirl, and what this high profile position role at Wella Professionals entailed. This conversation will also be sprinkled with some wise words on why we need to be carful on how we are marketing ourselves on social media.

But the big cornerstone to what we cover is the changes Sheila has managed in her life, both professionally and personally.

So for those of you looking to embracing change in 2022, there’s enough in Sheila’s words today that will give the motivation to go for it yourself. So as we sign out for 2021, I hope this episode helps you embrace the changes the will bring you all the joy and success your dream of.




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Thank you to Sheila Jackson for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next time, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.







Today’s Guest

Starting out as a Saturday girl in her local har salon, Sheila went on to become Director of Events and Education for Wella Professionals, responsible for the studio network, wholesale, guest artists, education across all Wella brands and International events TrendVision Awards and Business Network Live.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Sheila

  • 03 min 46 sec: Being Director of Events and Education for Wella?
  • 08 min 46 sec: Why it matters to have education and events for hair product companies?
  • 12 min 40 sec: Sheila’s early career before Wella.
  • 21 min 00 sec: Whats the worse that could happen?
  • 22 min 06 sec: Imposter syndrome.
  • 25 min 13 sec: Shiela’s take on your social media and how its effecting our industry.
  • 28 min 50 sec: How we are marketing ourselves on social media.
  • 32 min 51 sec: Journey to joining Wella.
  • 41 min 42 sec: Being mentored in people we trust to help us with change.
  • 44 min 34 sec: Dealing with a brain tumour.
  • 48 min 44 sec: Managing and embracing change.
  • 52 min 20 sec: Understand when someone needs help.
  • 56 min 43 sec: How the hair industry has had to change.
  • 58 min 35 sec: Be a thought leader and change.
  • 01 hr 00 min 59 sec: Sheila post Wella and the Smaratains .
  • 01 hr 07 min 50 sec: Sheila’s big takeaway.



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