What does life look like for todays salon owners that are leading an employed team? This is what I want to find out from todays guest, Colin McAndrew.

As the Managing Director of Medusa, Colin is responsible for the fastest growing salon group in Scotland. Six salons and a 4,000 sq ft academy, the brand has continued to strengthen over recent years as Colin’s plans have come to fruition. All this sounds great! Right?

It’s fair to say that Colin McAndrew is the definition of leadership. Honest and hardworking, Colin credits his success to the team around him. But the pressure and responsibility that comes with all these successes for not just Colin, but all salons owners, has gone untold for too long. Until now!

For todays salon owners, running a business is extremely high right now due to the world we’re living in.

A changing salon culture, cost of living etc, it’s having an impact on the mental health for many of todays salon owners. Those same people that feel they have to be superhuman, but who still have the same fears and health issues as the team they lead has.

Today I want to talk to Colin’s about his own experiences of being a salon owner leading an employed team across six salon. He’s to reveal so openly how all of this leaves him at times feeling anxious and vulnerable.

This is one heck of an inspiring chat. Hearing Colin’s own struggles at the ‘top’ can only benefit all of us that tune in to this entire episode. Colin’s transparent vulnerability does not equal weakness. It’s quite the opposite! Join us, listen in, and enjoy!



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Thank you to Colin McAndrew for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next time Howtocutter’s, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.

Today’s Guest

Colin McAndrew is the Managing Director of Medusa. With Six salons and a 4,000 sq ft academy, the brand continues to strengthen.

Over the last 15 years, he has doubled the number of salons, introduced an academy, launched a successful rebrand and led his 78 strong team to win industry awards, including Fellowship Salon Group of the Year in 2018. Colin’s most recent success has been receiving the coveted Business Director of Year title at the British Hairdressing Business Awards in 2021 and 2022, the most difficult year in the industry’s history.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Colin McAndrew

  • 04 min 05 sec: Dealing with a creative confidence crisis.
  • 08 min 51 sec: Having vulnerabilities and worries of being a salon owner.
  • 14 min 37 sec: How post pandemic culture is changing the way teams want to work.
  • 17 min 06 sec: Is there a brighter future for a salon owners employment set up.
  • 23 min 55 sec: Addressing the anxiety and vunrabilities that many salon owners are going through .
  • 34 min 43 sec: Try to be the most decent employer.
  • 36 min 48 sec: The early Colin starting out as a hairdresser then salon owner.
  • 44 min 01 sec: Is the hunger there to still grow more salons.
  • 48 min 30 sec: Acknowledging own wellbeing and health.
  • 54 min 30 sec: The demands of travelling, and its effects.
  • 57 min 45 sec: Developing a team of master colourists.
  • 01 hr 01 min 18 sec: Why Colin is going into business coaching.
  • 01 hr 08 min 30 sec: Be the proper side of stress.
  • 01 hr 10 min 50 sec: The best industry in the world.
  • 01 hr 12 min 20 sec: One more thing that we need to know from Colin.






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