Recession proof your salon business. Its the hottest industry topic right now! So ask yourself this: How is your salon business going to survive the economic global recession? To help with all of this is todays guest, Richard McCabe the Lifestyle Salon Coach. For the very survival of your salon business, this is a podcast that needs to be heard.

For many of us it’s a scary time! Inflation on the rise, interest payments and utilities at the biggest rate since we can remember, there is no denying it’s going to be a tough year ahead for some salon owners.

At first it all seems so daunting. You’re worrying yourself to sleep at night on how are you going to afford to pay the salon bills and survive! Ok, so you cant control the rising costs and global crisis, but you can control how you will guide your salon business through these bumpy times ahead by not only surviving, but to also come out of it thriving.

Today Richard will guide us through exactly how our salon businesses can address and overcome the 3 biggest issues that will influence the  next two years takings of your salon business. These 3 issues discussed today are:
#1 Dealing with rising bills and why you cannot just plod along through these next 2 years.
#2 Coping with fewer clients visiting the salon and that are dragging out appointments or looking for cheaper alternatives.
#3 Managing staff that are getting nervous about rising costs and looking to you for help.

Whether the economic global recession is “mild and short’ or a “major long one’, salon owners, small suit business renters, freelancers, etc so you need to be fully prepared for it. So hang on in there because today episode will not only help your salon business overcome it, but it could also help in giving it the best year ever.

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Thank you to Richard McCabe for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next time Howtocutter’s, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.

Today’s Guest

Richard McCabe the Lifestyle Salon Coach has created an easy to follow 9-step framework to take salon owners from the war-zone (where everyday is a battle) to the lifestyle zone, ‘living life on your terms’

With only 5% of salon owners making good money from their salons and a whopping 50% of salons will close their doors before their 5th birthday, it’s obvious that most salon owners are winging it or following a broken and out-dated model. Something needs to change.

Richard shares his cutting edge strategies with salon owners from around the world, via a virtual classroom delivering on point strategies that actually transforms salons into money making machines. As UK and Australia’s number one Lifestyle Salon Coach he is the expert in transforming salons by delivering his unique 9- step system designed to get a 30% increase in salon takings in 12 months to thousands of salon owners around the world.

Show notes:

Heres some of what cover in todays episode with Richard McCabe

  • 06 min 01 sec: The rising costs of inflation and energy.
  • 10 min 09 sec: Working out your breakeven.
  • 12 min 06 sec: Increasing and decreasing your bills.
  • 15 min 02 sec: Tighten your spending.
  • 16 min 50 sec: Why the staff talking about bills going up will affect your salons takings?
  • 19 min 12 sec: Why good salons grow in the recession.
  • 20 min 47 sec: Why mortgage increase will affect your salon business.
  • 23 min 27 sec: Time to invest in you and your team.
  • 25 min 38 sec: Should we be investing in marketing, and how??
  • 27 min 13 sec: Avoid white spaces in your column by stopping our clients dragging out their appointments.
  • 29 min 26 sec: Why stats say no client leaves on price alone.
  • 31 min 01 sec: Have a growth target for your business.
  • 32 min 52 sec: Its not to late to reset and start planning again.
  • 34 min 32 sec: This is the right time to give more to your stylists.
  • 37 min 00 sec: What you get working with Salon Lifestyle Coach.
  • 39 min 44 sec: Learn to know you numbers.
  • 40 min 55 sec: Work with Richard.
  • 44 min 29 sec: What one last thing do really need to know from todays podcast.


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Podcast Special: Preparing Your Business for the Coronavirus Lockdown, with Richard McCabe


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