Back in June 2020 we launched ‘The Hair Show’ on Facebook live. A live stream talk show dedicated to the everyday hairdresser, the weekly show is hosted by myself, Georgia Bell and Jordanna Cobella.

Each week our community gathers online to interact and debate together on big hair industry topics that really matters to them. This live and straight talking show was a big dream of both mine and co-producer Dan Thomas. And today we’re giving it to you as a How To Cut It podcast episode. I couldn’t be more excited!

Recorded live last Monday night (September 14th 2020) on  we had some engaging conversations, debates and at times, controversial points raised. From World Hair News with Jordanna Cobella, Breki wi Bell and big topics on Mental Health, work life balance and addiction its guaranteed to get you hooked in from start to finish. Just like it did with our live audience that night.

I hope you enjoy the show enough that you’ll want to join us live every week for ‘The Hair Show’. Maybe you’ll love this episode enough that you will want us to bring you ‘The Hair Show’ weekly podcast, too?

Now hit the play button because ‘The Hair Show‘ is your show, the hairdressers show!


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A podcast produced by Hairy Media Productions.


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Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!


Today’s Guest

Hosted by Dom Lehane, Georgia Bell and Jordanna Cobella, ‘The Hair Show’ is the weekly Facebook live talk show dedicated to the everyday hairdresser. Big on topics, gossip, conversations, news and hair this is your show, the hairdressers show! Tune in every Monday night at 8pm UK time.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover on todays episode 

  • Start: Intro.
  • 11 min 52 sec: World Hair News.
  • 16 min 33 sec: Mental Health.
  • 34 min 34 sec: Breki wi Bell.
  • 38 min 38 sec: Have you dated a client?
  • 40 min 24 sec: Hair Generation…. work life balance.
  • 53 min 47 sec: What are you dreaming of?
  • 59 min 39 sec: Lockdown, googles, masks and working.
  • 01 hr 07 min 03 sec: Serving refreshments.