Today’s podcast I’m to be joined by not just one guest, but six. Why? I’m having a lovely group chat with some of the current Fellowship for British Hairdressing ‘ClubStar Art Team’ 20/21 members, Darcey Clarke, Jack Anthony, Lizzie Williams, Sam Arnold, Josie Simmons and their team leader, Karoliina Saunders.

In this episode I’m Keen to learn why and how being part of the ClubStar Art Team provides such an exciting opportunity for all of it’s ClubStar members. This includes working on Fellowship stage presentations and attending incredible mentoring days. I personally believe this is something that all passionate young hair professionals should aspire, too. By listening into this conversation it will give you the understanding to what can exist in creative world of hairdressing away from the confines of the salon floor.

ClubStar Art Team was introduced in 2014 and I’m all for this and everything else the Fellowship for British Hairdressing can offer. Mentoring and focussing on promoting artistic and creative quality are much of what this independent and non-political organisation stands for. Providing support for future hairdressing talent keen to make their own mark in the industry. ClubStar membership (which is exclusively for hair professionals aged 16 to 25), the ClubStar Art Team, PROJECT: X, PROJECT: Colour and PROJECT: Men courses and our F.A.M.E. Team are all designed to nurture skills and provide a career pathway.

So if you’re hungry to grow your hairdressing and barbering careers, I can’t recommend enough on becoming a member (something that I have recently become). This podcast will give you all the information, inspirations and information you need to know on why and how you can get involved with ClubStar Art Team and the Fellowship for British Hairdressing. I know you’ll love this chat with some of the future stars of British hairdressing.

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Thank you to the ClubStar Art Team 2020/21 for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.




Today’s Guest

Karoliina Saunders – Karoliina Saunders Hair

Darcey Clarke – Ashley Gamble

Jack Anthony – Sutherland and Barnett, Nottingham

Lizzie Williams – Gatsby & Miller

Sam Arnold – Strangways

Josie Simmons – Electric Hair Reading

Show notes:

Heres some of we cover in todays conversation with the ClubStar Art Team 2020/21

  • 04 min 10 sec: Lets meet the Fellowship ClubStar Art Team.
  • 06 min 40 sec: What is the Fellowship for British Hairdressing ClubStar Art Team
  • 08 min 31 sec: Being part of the ClubStar Art team.
  • 12 min 55 sec: Pathway opportunities for its members in the Fellowship for British Hairdressing.
  • 15 min 10 sec: The process of becoming a ClubStar Art team member.
  • 18 min 06 sec: Advantages of being a team member.
  • 19 min 41 sec: Learning skillsets to being on stage.
  • 10 min 41 sec: What does it mean to be a mentor for the ClubStar Art team.
  • 23 min 35 sec: Being on the live stage.
  • 27 min 00 sec: Helping your editorial skills set.
  • 28 min 20 sec: Why salon owners should get their team part of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing.
  • 29 min 56 sec: Becoming more digital.
  • 31 min 48 sec: Age limits to enter ClubStar and progression into other teams.
  • 34 min 28 sec: F.A.M.E team.


All the information for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing and applying at

Apply to become a ClubStar member click HERE

Fellowship for British hairdressing on Instagram @fellowshiphair



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