Today I’m joined by multi Salon Owner and one of the UK’s biggest YouTube hairdressing educators, Paul Watts of Paul Watts Hair. Paul is proof that anything is possible if you just follow your dreams and passions. But here’s the disclaimer; you’ve to go above and beyond to making it happen!

Its busy for Paul. Working 7 days a week that includes running his two salon businesses in partnership with his dad, working behind the chair, ambassador roles for both Joico Europe and Alfa Italia, educator for Lee Stafford Education, plus creating free hair education content for his fast growing YouTube channel and social media channels.

It’s a fair comment to say that Paul’s hair industry profile has grown twofold since I first got to know him back in 2013.  Paul tells me about how he went from a possible career as a professional footballer to becoming a multiple salon owner of his boutique salon brands, Paul Watts Hair. And then why in 2019 it was a year of big changes for him.

We’re gonna dive into so much today and learn exactly how Paul manages all the rad stuff going on with his salon businesses, ambassador roles  and his fast-growing YouTube channel with over 66K subscribers.

I’ve known Paul for quite some time, and its great to finally have him here on the show. I believe this conversation is going to inspire a lot of you on whats possible, no matter where you are located!



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Thank you to Paul Watts for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next time, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.

Today’s Guest

Paul Watts is a multi-salon owner of Paul Watts Hair in Northamptonshire and one of the UK’s biggest YouTube hairdressing educators, which has seen multiple brands linking with his way of teaching. 

Recently being announced as a Joico Global International Guest Artist educating online for Joico global, Paul is also the UK ambassador for Alfa Italia teaching his cutting courses throughout the UK and online. 

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Paul Watts

  • 04 min 17 sec: The journey for Paul Watts.
  • 05 min 43 sec: The Paul Watts Hair salon businesses.
  • 07 min 22 sec: Background to Paul from the shy young lad.
  • 08 min 33 sec: From football to hairdressing. How and why?
  • 12 min 27 sec: Continually absorbing hairdressing from many.
  • 21 min 35 sec: What made Paul become a salon owner?
  • 25 min 43 sec: Working in a business partnership with Paul’s dad.
  • 27 min 30 sec: The thinking behind the brand of Paul Watts Hair.
  • 30 min 08 sec: The challenges of being a salon owner.
  • 36 min 08 sec: What its like to be a salon owner for Paul.
  • 41 min 27 sec: Are we diluting education through YouTube.
  • 46 min 13 sec: Being a UK YouTube hairdresser.
  • 51 min 21 sec: How YouTube can get you wins for your salon business.
  • 54 min 43 sec: Face to face education.
  • 57 min 33 sec: Managing times between all Paul’s various roles.
  • 01 hr 04 min 03 sec: Pauls next big thing.
  • 01 hr 06 min 32 sec: One more thing g we really need to know from Paul.





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